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We have a dream!

Our dream is to see that people all over Europe get a real opportunity to understand the gospel and a good opportunity to get to know other Christians. In today’s internat world, this is possible in a simpler and far more efficient way than before. 

We are therefore developing WonByOne, where the goal is for people to get to know Jesus

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Having worked with evangelism for many years, the frustration and question has constantly arisen as to how we can lead people to the faith in God. To lead people on from the point where they first hear about God, and experience that this is something they want to know more about, until they belive and choose to follow Jesus Christ as lord and Savior in their lives. And we have met many people who are genuinely interested to find the truth about God. 

In Europe, we are experiencing a shortage of living churches. And the «doorstep» into the church is often too big for many people. Therefor we belive that new methods need to be used in order to reach people with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Among other things, we belive that the new and groundbreaking technology will be important and absolutely essential to reach people with the gospel. 

This time we’re living in is described very clearly in the Bible and is referred as the end time when many people will loose their faith. At the same time, Jesus told his disciples: «The harvest is plentiful but the workers are few. Ask the Lord of the harvest, therefor, to send out workers into his harvest field» (Matt 9: 37-38)

With this as a backdrop, we belive that the use of new methods and technology will be important tools to achieve this goal. 

WonByOne, means won by One. We are all won by One, namely Jesus Christ, tho only begotten Son of God. The name WonByOne also has a double meaning, which is that we can all win one by one for Jesus when we share the gospel with people. 

We need

your support

We have a goal of more than 300 regular donors, of 5, 10, 30 € or more every month. For an individual, this may not seem so much, but for us it means a difference between being able to implement or not and to achieve the dream God has placed in our hearts. A small gift from enough people, provides the basis for the gospel to a large number of people. 

Are you willing to become a donor?

Singel gift or a fixed monthly support?

Are you willing to help to give the gospel to the people in Europe this way?


WonByOne is built on APP technology where the goal is to present the gospel on a digital level to people who do not know God and lead them to faith in Him. Through the APP (version 2), people a trained and equipped through pedagogical learning using animation and video sessions with subsequent questions and answers. 

In step 1 of the APP, the user encounters an animated character where there is a dialogue between the user and the «animated person». The user is then asked about their current outlook on life or religion, and is further guided through an adapted pedagogical dialogue, based on the user’s answers, combined with animation-, dramatization-, and teaching- videos. Each film is a maximum of 3 minutes. 

People who check off that they are Christian get an easier way through the first part of the app. 

Part 2 of the app will contain the following: 

  • Map function – This is where searching people can find local churches, or available Christians in their area. This depends on that churches register themselves in the app. 
  • Massaging feature – This is where searching people can chat with Christians on a platform that is safe for both the user and the Christian. 
  • Testimony feed – Similar to Facebook/Instagram, where searching people can find many different testimonials from the other users in the app. 
  • Teaching – thematic teaching, house group teaching, questions and answers ++

Testimonies from people who have experienced encounters with God create credibility in a completely unique way and therefore there is a «testimony feed» where people can share their personal experiences with God. A «Christian Facebook feed» that allows people, instead of of teaching in other apps and media, to be drawn into WonByOne daily and in this way grow their faith in God. 

We want to keep all teaching to a sober biblical view, where we don’t go to extreme in topics such as money, politics and other sensitive topics. Still, the app shouldn’t hide the truths of the Bible. The most important step is to point to God and His love through Jesus Christ. 

A very important part of the app and what makes it completely unique in its kind I the map function. In this map function, people can easily find accessible churches in their local area, that they can contact. This means that Christian churches can create their own profile and make themselves available to people who are in the process of getting to know God through the app. The app doesn’t only give knowledge and understanding of God and the Christian gospel, but it also leads people to Christian churches wherever they are. Whether you live and work in the area, traveling or moving to a new place, you will quickly and easily find a church to visit via the map function in the app. 

In addition, Christian people can also make a profile in the map function and make themselves visible so that it is easy for people to get in touch with Christians in their local area. Sometimes the threshold for contacting individuals is lower than searching for a church on their own. And if you’re already a Christian, it is easy to get in touch with other people with the same faith for building relations and possible friendships. 

The app has a language control where the language is selected automatically based on the phone’s language is set to. In the separate menu, other languages can be selected. 

We aim to cover all of the EU’s 24 official languages within 3 years. At the same time, there will be strategic work to develop the app for all the largest languages in the world. 

Would you like to help us with practical work?

We know that there are many out there who have different talents and gifts, and who are looking for a place to do a mission. If that’s you or if you know somebody that might be interested, feel free to get in touch. We need to strengthen our team, as we know that the app has an incredible potential to reach many people with the gospel. 

We need help with translation, programing, organization, marketing, etc. 

Potential and market

In Europe today, there are said to be over 200,000 cities without a single evangelic church. Even in Europe alone, the potential is great and so is the need. With strategic development and the right marketing, this app is one of the largest and most used app worldwide. Given the times we live in and how important the mobile phone is in people’s everyday lives, this is a proper platform to use resources to develop to spread the Christian faith. 

Europe is pr. Definition unreached with the gospel. The Joshua Project defines a country or territory as unreached when there are less than 2% evangelic Christians. The average evangelical Christians in Europe is below 2%. Northern Europe with Finland at the top has 10,36%, while for example France at 1,23%, Austria 0,61% and Greece at 0,49%. 

Out of the 750 million Europeans, 735 million people still have not heard the true gospel of Jesus Christ. 

The market for the app is global, which we understand from the fact that the app has been downloaded in several places in the world. We still think it makes sense to develop this step by step, and we will initially concentrate on the first 5 languages, then the European markets, and only when you see that the development is satisfactory will we enter the global market. 

Even with limited resources, the app/ phone version after a year of use had approximately 3500 new users/ downloads. The website had a hit of over 160,000 in 2020, where more than 15,000 of the hits are people who spent more than 30 minutes on the WonByOne web. 

We have also received several inquiries from people who want more teaching and people who say they have accepted Jesus as their Savior because of WonByOne. This gives us confirmation and great faith in further development of this app. 


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