We want to bring the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son of God, to the people of Europe, through personal fellowship with Jesus Christ by the power of the Holy Spirit.


urope is a continent founded on biblical values and the Christian faith. Unfortunately, the church society had, over many generations, a bigger need for power and political positions.

Today Europe is more or less unreached with the gospel. People don’t really know God, even though they may have an understanding about God.

We want Europe to return to God, to get to know the Creator personally, through the Bible which is God’s right and absolute Word.


  • Bring 1000 new missionaries to Paris
  • Plant new congregations
  • Give the gospel to people, through app, television, internet and campaigns
  • Send missionaries throughout Europe from Paris
  • Help the homeless, prostitutes and refugees to live a worthy life


  • Look! I will do something new!
  • Do not be bound in old systems that will prevent new sprout to grow
  • Seek first God’s kingdom and His righteousness
  • Prepare for bigger things to happen. Do not look at what is now, but what is coming. The revival will go fast!
  • Be strong and courageous, I have sent you, I will go with you!


  • Build up 24/7 prayer houses
  • Build mission bases where it is easy for missionaries to come and live
  • Establish daytime bible schools and missionary training schools
  • Serve as a link for missionaries into France and to congregations
  • Give missionaries the tools we have available
  • Believe in people with dreams and help them into ministry
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