Seek first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness


rayer is the most important thing we can do as followers of Jesus Christ. Jesus2Europe starts every day with prayer and seeking God’s Kingdom and His will for our lives, His guidance in all the things we do.

Part of our dream and vision is to build prayer houses that will be open 24/7, and we see prayer as a central and vital part of everything we do.

We want to invite all of you to stand with us in prayer for France, and especially in the beginning of June. From 1-7. of June, we will do 7 days of prayer and fasting for France, and believe that we will have at least 1000 people from around the world to do this with us. We believe that prayer is what will change this world. If you want to be part of this, please join our facebook-group Prayer for France for prayer topics, encouragement leading up to this week of prayer, and daily updates throughout the week. Also, we would love it if you would sign up for praying at some times during the week – we want to fill up with at least one (and preferably more) persons praying every hour every day this week! We will only post first names, since this is a public calendar (or you can be anonymous, but please let us know), we want to know that people are standing with us in this.

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Google calendar – Jesus2Europe Pray for France

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